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Safety & Crisis Management Training with tranquilico

tranquilico's Colin McGregor has been busy conducting virtual and in-person safety and crisis management training sessions with a number of our travel industry clients in the last week.

First up was award-winning luxury tour operator Scott Dunn, who completed the second of two Crisis Management Workshops for their global crisis management team. The first session in January included staff from the UK and USA offices, with last weeks' workshop set up for staff based in their Singapore office and others from the UK - a truly International feel!

It was an early start due to the time difference but despite this, all attendees were very engaged and did a fantastic job working through the desktop crisis simulation. As a team, Scott Dunn are now well prepared for whatever eventuality may arise in the future and they've sensibly committed crisis management planning and workshops will be a regular part of their annual staff training going forward.

Then he headed to The Slow Cyclist in Oxfordshire, who gathered their management team for a bespoke Health & Safety Workshop designed to support their staff when conducting safety audits while overseas. With the input of sister brand Sanderson Phillips, tranquilico will be providing expert advice and support based on the outcomes of the staff self-inspection audits which will be taking place in resort ahead of The Slow Cyclist's 2023 tours.

To round the week off, our next destination was central London where we paid a visit to the team at Quintessentially for a refresher Crisis Management Workshop. As part of the training, we put the attendees through their paces with a desktop crisis simulation - a flavour of what might need to be considered when a live situation unfolds, but in a safe environment. As providers of luxury lifestyle concierge, travel and events services all over the world, Quintessentially have trusted tranquilico and Sanderson Phillips to provide bespoke auditing and training services since 2018.

It's encouraging to see our clients reviewing their planning and training requirements as booking volumes return to pre-COVID levels.

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