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Just, Good Travel is a free-to-join community for travel & tourism professionals whose companies are looking to begin their sustainability journey or take their activities to the next level. 

At Atkin Jones Limited and through sister brands Sanderson Phillips and tranquilico, we have really enjoyed engaging with our existing (and some new!) clients on sustainability in travel and quickly realised that our journey to date was one which could help others find a starting point or enhance what they already had in place. We began by creating a guide for travel organisations who are beginning to consider their sustainability activities and have now gone one step further with UK For Good’s support to offer regular communications and bi-annual webinars focussing on sharing knowledge and giving advice on the best way forward in an ever-more complex and busy space.

About the JGT Community

  • Free to join

  • Welcome email including ‘Sustainable Travel Organisations – A Guide’ by Sanderson Phillips and information on UK For Good/B-Corp

  • Invitation to join a UK For Good meeting as guests of Atkin Jones

  • 6 email newsletters per year, offering topical comment and insights into what is happening in sustainable tourism plus ideas for how travel organisations can begin or enhance their sustainability efforts

  • Bi-annual webinars hosted by UK For Good’s founder Donna Okell and with expert speakers, discussing pertinent topics relevant for travel business looking to do more good

  • Discount on UK For Good’s learning and development programmes

  • Opportunity to engage with a consultant from Sanderson Phillips to discuss your specific situation and be supported in creating or enhancing your first sustainability management plan/policy

We also have a LinkedIn page you can follow to keep up to date with all our news and views.

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