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Atkin Jones Limited (AJL) is the parent company of Sanderson Phillips, tranquilico and Atkin Jones Outsourcing. We exist to provide support and services that help organisations increase operational resilience and transparency. Whether through our travel safety and risk management services that ensure travellers can go on safe holidays, via our crisis management training that helps businesses to professionally and sensitively navigate through difficult and uncertain times, or by assisting small businesses to communicate effectively using open and honest PR & marketing – we support others to run better businesses. 

We aim to always operate in a fair, ethical, and sustainable manner, treating all stakeholders of our business with equal importance. We place our People, Planet and Prosperity at the very heart of everything we do and hope that in doing so we can grow our business to do as much good as possible to benefit people, communities, and the environment.  

We acknowledge the impact our operations have on the environment and are committed to reducing this on a short and long-term basis with a goal to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030 and to reach Net Zero as soon as possible before 2050. We are signatories of the Glasgow Declaration and members of Tourism Declares, both of which demonstrate our commitment to this goal. 

We have consciously set up as a home-working business and utilise the services of other home-based employees and consultants, negating the need for office premises. We do not produce products or work with raw materials, but we understand that simply by operating and providing services, we consume resources and create waste. Despite largely working for travel companies, overseas travel for business purposes is kept to a minimum by adopting alternative processes such as online assessments and video meetings and conferences. UK travel is also kept to a minimum where possible and only undertaken for a specific purpose. We have developed our own Procurement and Travel Policies which include guidance on any travel required, giving sustainable advice and solutions to help minimise our impact. 


Our Commitment 

Our environmental promises are demonstrated in our objectives and goals:  

  • Compliance with all applicable standards, laws, requirements, regulations and public/customer expectations  

  • Compilation of an annual organisational sustainability report with additional updates at least bi-annually 

  • Having achieved our Green accreditation with Investors in the Environment (iiE) in September 2022, we are committed to not only maintaining this achievement, but to continuing to improve and succeed in our sustainable practices wherever possible 

  • Continue to measure all business-related travel and minimise unsustainable transport use  

  • Avoid any unnecessary purchases for the business (e.g. paper, stationery, new technology) and where unavoidable only purchase items that meet the standards set out in our procurement policy 

  • Reduce consumption of electricity, gas and water by instilling green practices in ourselves, our employees and consultants  

  • Continuing to provide support to charities and to undertake additional projects to support our environment, our local communities and our stakeholders  


We will continue to improve our Environmental Management System (EMS) through biannual reviews and updates, taking into account any changes within legislation, our organisation, and other factors. We will continue to convey this policy to our employees, consultants and wider stakeholders and make certain that they are provided with advice to increase awareness of environmental matters. 

Abi Geldard is AJL’s Consultant Green Champion and along with David Atkin, has a designated responsibility for the day-to-day implementation of this policy.  Our employees and regular consultants are encouraged to put forward ideas and contribute to initiatives by emailing or contacting our Consultant Green Champion. 

This policy is available on our website at and will continue to be reviewed annually on an on-going basis. 


David Atkin

Managing Director

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December 2023

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