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How can you be sure your team knows how to effectively handle a crisis?

Sadly crises and the travel industry often go hand in hand. The sheer volume of opportunities for things to go wrong, coupled with what is often deemed ‘holiday head’ and the more laissez faire approach that we often take when we’re on a trip means that unfortunately in the case of holidays, sometimes accidents do happen.  


The question therefore is whether your team and your business are ready and prepared to successfully handle a crisis should one occur? Often it’s hard to know without putting your policies and procedures to the test. Which is exactly what we did for one of our clients this week.  


Our Full Crisis Management Simulations are not for the faint-hearted, but they are for the brave, the bold, and the forward-thinking businesses that know they have a responsibility to look after their customers, their reputations and their team members. In the good times and perhaps even more importantly, the bad.  


By stress-testing crisis management plans and systems through a fully bespoke simulation tailored to their business and customers, we were able to lead Diversity Study Trips through a realistic and valuable learning experience which showed them exactly where they had effective systems in place, and also areas where they could tighten things up following recent changes in remote working, new team hires, and operational upgrades.   


It’s a fast-paced and sometimes intense experience, but one where our clients learn an extraordinary amount of vital information about their business preparedness in just a few short hours.  


It was an absolute pleasure to run the day with the team at Diversity Study Trips who threw themselves into the experience wholeheartedly and embraced it with openness and a willingness to learn from the very top-down, and from the outset. 


If you’d like to know more about our crisis management services which range from virtual and desktop simulations to assistance with crisis management plans and procedures, please get in touch to see how we can help your team plan, prepare and train to effectively handle a crisis.  


If you’d like a taster, our Risk, Safety and Crisis Management seminar taking place in London on 23rd April 2024 will include a mini crisis workshop delivered by our expert Crisis Management Consultant Colin McGregor. Delegates will also gain valuable insight into how optimism bias, personal identity, and FOMO influence travellers' perceptions of risk when they are on holiday (and ways the industry can address this) from Safer Tourism Foundation’s Kathy Atkinson. You can view the full itinerary here. 


Tickets can be purchased with discounts available for tranquilico and Sanderson Phillips clients by emailing 

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