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“I play to my strengths and you play to yours.”

Here at Atkin Jones we focus on playing to our strengths. We’re passionate about managing your digital and social media campaigns. We understand the importance of supporting your business in order to free up your time to focus on the areas that you thrive in.

Here’s a recent client example;


Skin Deep Clinic, Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Complete day–to-day management of all social media and digital campaigns from planning, creating, scheduling and evaluating.

What else?

Regular direct email marketing to the patient database as well as managing all paid Facebook advertising.


To ensure the brand and business reputation is maintained to the highest standard. Regular communication to the existing patient customer base and attracting new patients is vital to the success of the business.

What’s working well?

The social media content consistently delivers high reach and engagement. The direct mail open and click through rates are above average and outperform their peers.

Their Facebook advertising campaigns drive new business whilst maintaining positive brand awareness and a positive reputation within the area.

Recognising what works well is a clear tactic. We know the type of content the clinic’s patients like to receive, how they like to receive it and when.

What next?

We’re continuing to monitor and evaluate all activity on a regular basis. As the business needs change and evolve then so will the marketing strategy. We see ourselves as an integral part of the business both now and in the future.

“By trusting Atkin Jones to manage my digital and social media marketing, I’m able to focus on the things I do best. I play to my strengths and you play to yours.”

Wendy Hartwig, Skin Deep Clinic

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