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Green for Go?

Updated: May 7, 2021

It’s the date we’ve all been waiting for…finally the green light is flickering for the return of overseas holidays (or at least some of them). But what now? We know that we are just at the start of the long road to recovery for our industry. It’s definitely not a cure all to the last 18 months and we’ll all be paddling like crazy under the surface to get things back up and running again.

How are you feeling?

If you’re like most tour operators, hotels or resorts right now…

  • You are low on resource, with everyone stretched to more than capacity

  • You’re keen (desperate) to make the most of this summer’s departures where you can

  • But reluctant to put too much into marketing spend or just don’t have the budget

  • It’s hard to focus on priorities – you’re probably being pulled in 20 different directions and don’t know where to turn next

This is where Atkin Jones can help

It’s no doubt a bit overwhelming, especially as we are still living with a certain amount of uncertainty but don’t panic. As veteran travel industry ‘survivors’ (there is pretty much no travel industry crisis we haven’t lived through in the past 20 years) and outsourcing experts, we can help you focus on getting your business back to normality and capitalise on the coming months. From marketing to business strategy, PR to product, contracts to copy and most things in between, we are an adaptable team who can help you maximise your sales over the critical next few weeks and months, as well as looking at the longer-term picture.

- No FTE costs

- No recruitment

- Low commitment

- Experts who can hit the ground running

- Create a tailor-made programme of activity to match your needs as a business

- Adaptable and approachable and knowledgeable

Immediate Priorities: Boost your sales up to December 2021

We can help you focus on what’s important now:

Marketing: Devise a six-month 'cut through the noise', integrated and impactful marketing strategy. We can either create this for you to implement or execute it ourselves. This includes social media and e-comms delivery.

Product: Identify appropriate new product for in-demand areas – extensive contacts mean we know all key properties and can help with capacity issues, maximising revenue along the way.

PR: We know the right journalists, on the right titles who will be putting together the features and recommendations of what’s hot, where to book now and who with. There’s nothing like a Top 20 inclusion to generate calls and bookings. Longer term, we can set up press trips to make sure your product is brought to life online or in print.

Commercial Offers: Identify which are the best tactical offers to focus on/to be used in marketing.

Extra Resource: From copy writing to loading, we can act quickly to get your platforms up to date. This includes creating tactical offer summaries for reservations, keeping web content up to date including image resizing and copywriting and loading hotels and pricing/offers on to tour operating systems.

Looking Forward: Be ready to drive bookings for 2022 and beyond

Product: As your virtual Product Manager, we can work on a brand review to optimise 2022 sales and into 2023. We can also help identify and source product to bolster your programmes, in line with travel restrictions and consumer trends. This includes delivering contracts, copy and training on current and new products, according to your business needs.

Brochure Production: From planning to content and delivery, we can undertake any brochure related tasks to support your strategy and volume.

Marketing: We will work with you to produce a long-term multi-platform marketing strategy to optimise early sales for 2022 and be ready for 2022. This includes a robust PR strategy from our in-house PR expert.

Operations: Our sister company Sanderson Phillips, the UK’s leading independent travel safety consultants can jump in to ensure your safety management systems are up to date and train staff in travel safety and risk awareness, as required.

Risk Management: Following the challenges that Covid brought us all, Sanderson Phillips can also assess the effectiveness of your risk management plans and work with you to make these plans bullet proof for the future by re-writing or establishing Risk Management planning as a core business function.

If any of this rings a bell we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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