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Content Marketing – It’s Not Always About Leads

During these uncertain Covid times, we are all working hard to rationalise costs and marketing budgets have been seriously dented, but it is not time to sit on your laurels, focusing on your content is a great low-cost way to build your online presence now and for the future.

While most marketing initiatives are measured by leads generated and revenue created, content marketing has a host of other benefits that contribute to your bottom line. While showing ROI on these aspects continues to be a challenge, it is difficult to dispute the importance of creating and distributing quality content.

With millions of pieces of content hitting the internet every day, the main problem marketeers face is how to be heard on such a busy platform. Even more importantly, how do they differentiate their offering from their competitors in a meaningful way that both attracts and converts customers.

Increase Brand Awareness

In a competitive market getting your name out there and building your reputation online has become even more important. Simply distributing your content through social channels and your website will help build credibility and strong content allows you to show your customers who your company is and what your brand represents.

Brand awareness is not just whether your audience knows the name of your brand, but it is how well they understand the qualities that make your brand unique. To create this distinction, your content needs to highlight the qualities that set your brand apart from your competitors. Share the details that make it clear what sets you apart from others in your industry and show potential customers why they should choose you over your competitors.

Educate Your Prospects

Educating your audience about your products and services, without being too promotional, is one of the major functions of content marketing. The more your prospects know about what you offer, the easier it will be for them to make a purchase decision. Having the ability to learn about your products through your published content instead of speaking directly to your sales team is very inviting for potential customers. Additionally, it creates trust, a vital emotion in purchasing decisions.

Using video is an ideal way to educate – show people on a short clip and optimise your YouTube account. Videos do not have to be ultra-professional – a short, personalised Vlog with comment is ideal.

Develop Real Connections

Sharing educational content that provides value and helps your audience solve a problem is a great way to establish a true connection. Building real connections will enable you to nurture your prospects more effectively until they are ready to buy. These connections can also lead to future business and referrals to other potential customers.

Show the People Behind the Brand

Getting your followers to view your organisation as real people instead of a faceless business is essential in engaging prospects and ultimately making a sale. Visual content such as videos and infographics are particularly effective in this regard. Putting a face to the name is important, and as we continue to migrate to a more digital world, content that shows the people behind your brand become more vital.

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